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Does your business need that critical insight to give you the competitive edge? What do you do if your server becomes infected with a virus or your office catches fire? What can you do to protect your most critical processes and assets? Do you already have a solution in mind and would like a second opinion? Don't understand all the technical jargon? Don't have a preventative maintenance plan, evergreen program or network upgrade path? Do you know what downtime really costs you ? Don't understand what any of these things are? - DON'T WORRY! YOU ARE NOT ALONE AND WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

We can answer all of these questions and many others that you may have with clear concise professional insight from problem solvers with REAL answers! Our areas of consulting expertise include:

        Information Systems Assessments.
        High Availability and Downtime Reduction Plans.
        Data Backup Systems (self or Drexler Managed).
        Power and Data Protection Systems.
        Security Systems and Access Control Consultations.
        Disaster Recovery Protocols.
        Small Business Consulting Services.
        We service what we sell and much more!

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“ ... I give him the highest recommendation. ”
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