Dive Computers

Make your diving simpler and safer with one of our high reliability top quality dive computers. Why do you need a dive computer?

  • Safely get more allowable time underwater (e.g., multilevel computer vs square profile using tables).
  • Accurately track your decompression status.
  • Precise and easier to read depth measurement.
  • Track surface intervals and plan for subsequent dives.
  • Make planned or emergency decompression stops.
  • Keep detailed digital logs of your dives.
  • Monitor safe ascent rates.
  • Alarms (e.g. decompression, maximum PO2 warnings, ascent rate indicators, etc.)

“ What good is your computer if you can't read it or don't know how to use it? Buy a quality computer and do it right the first time. ”

Take the short drive to Colchester and see the advantages of our dive computers today! Shearwater Petrel V2 computers in stock now!

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