Air, Nitrox & Oxygen Fills

Most divers just take it for granted that the air, Nitrox or Oxygen they use is safe. Have you ever received an air fill that didn't smell right, has a taste or made you feel bad after a dive? Some shops don't logically test their compressed air, don't use fully synthetic compressor lubricants, don't service their equipment and some even use hydraulic hoses that are not oxygen or breathing air compatible.

At Drexler Diving Systems our technician was assembling compressor and Oxygen transfill systems before other technicians were even certified divers. We know what works, what is safe and how to use it properly.

How pure is Drexler Diving Systems high pressure breathing air?
    Our breathing air is tested by an A2LA / ISO 17025 accredited compressir air analysis lab to meet CSA Standard Z180.1-2013(N) and Oxygen Compatible Air-2003(I). The lab uses NIST traceable testing methods including GC-MS (Gas Chromograph - Mass Spectrometer), gravimetry and optical microscopy. Our compressors utilize Ultrachem Chemlube 100% synthetic lubricant with double / redundant filtration that is more than twice the cost of what our competitors use. The bank storage system only uses clean breathing grade hoses, components and the entire system is serviced regularly. On top of that, we take our periodic air samples under the worst possible conditions to ensure that you receive the cleanest, Oxygen compatible air each and every time we fill your tank. The latest test analysis certificate is posted right at our fill station.
Do I need a SCUBA certification to get an air fill?
    Not necessarily. Many trained individuals use high pressure air for non-Scuba uses such as airbrushes, paintball and self contained breathing apparatus.
Do you fill Oxygen cylinders?
    YES. We maintain a good stock of high pressure pure Oxygen and will be glad to fill your cylinder. See our cylinder qualification section for further details.
Do you fill SCBA units?
    YES. Our high pressure breathing air exceeds the NFPA standards and we have CGA 346/347 filling adapters. See our cylinder qualification section for further details.
Cylinder Qualification - Will you fill my tank?
    It doesn't matter where you bought your cylinder! We will only consider refilling cylinders that meet the following criteria:
    • CTC or TC valid permit markings with current hydrostatic test date.
    • No evidence of dents, dings, bulges, heat damage, etc.
    • Any cylinder filled with Oxygen or Nitrox must have evidence of current Oxygen service.
    • Oxygen serviced cylinders that have black O-rings will not be filled with Oxygen; They might not be compatible.
    • Any SCUBA cylinder filled with breathing air must have evidence of current visual inspection.
    • Any cylinder that is not used for SCUBA or SCBA must be permanently labelled as such (e.g., paintball or argon cylinders).
    • Evidence decals must indicate the individual who serviced and/or inspected the cylinder.
    • SCUBA cylinders made from 6351-T6 Aluminum alloy will not be filled. This is our discretion to ensure the highest level of safety.
    • Cylinders that may be contaminated will not be filled.
    • NOTE: We reserve the right to refuse to fill or service any cylinder at our discretion.
Can someone else pickup my tank?
    Generally not. Appropriate training is required to safely handle and transport high pressure cylinders. Non divers and others may not have received this training. For breathing gasses other than air, the appropriately certified diver must analyze and sign our logbook for the fill.

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