Snorkeling Instruction

Breath hold diving is the oldest form of diving and has been practiced by man throughout the centuries. Add some basic equipment with a simple course and start exploring the underwater world. We carry a large selection of snorkels, masks, fins, boots, wet suits, gloves and more to make your snorkeling experience fun and exciting.

Snorkeling opportunities abound along the shoreline and around the islands of Lake Erie. Common sightings include nearly 20 different species of fish and sites close to Colchester include ruins of docks and shipwrecks from the 1800's!

Planning a vacation to warm southern waters? Get your quality, proper fitting, clean gear and education right here at home before you travel. Spend more of your time snorkeling instead of standing in the crowd with used, and possibly unsanitary, old and/or potentially unsafe rental gear.

Bring the family! Children as young as six years old can participate in our snorkeling classes. Our chief instructor grew up snorkeling the waters of Lake Erie. Let us teach you safe snorkeling techniques including proper finning techniques, mask/snorkel clearing, breath hold / breathing techniques and more! Contact us to enroll in our next snorkeling program.

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