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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to Scuba Dive? Do you want to visit historic shipwrecks? Are you already a diver and looking to expand your diving credentials and experience? Would you like a SAFE guided tour of a local dive site you have never been to before? Do you want to learn how to deep dive and decompression dive safely? Do you want to learn from a qualified instructor who has actively dived the Great Lakes for over 32 years? WE CAN HELP!

“ YOU GUYS ROCK! Thanks for your generous donation to @MoggysMission! ”
       - Amanda June Scully, 2018-01-24

Drexler Diving Systems was founded in 2012 specifically to service the needs of our valued clients. We focus on the most important details of quality, service and safety; NOT THE NUMBERS! Our varied experience ensures that you receive the highest quality of service. Whether it's a course, a full set of gear, regulator service or a seeming simple breathing air fill, with Drexler Diving Systems the job will be done right! No annual fees or dues to get the right price on gear. No fake pictures of divers we don't know or places we have never been. No haggling, nickel and diming or gimmicks. Just diving pure and simple.

Why choose Drexler Diving Systems?
  • Small town personal service with attention to detail.
  • Need us early, late, on weekends? Driving from afar? No problem! We're flexible!
  • We sell and dive quality equipment that we believe in. In fact, we even put our name on the company!
  • Experienced staff that actually dived the Great Lakes for over 32 years (no adding staff years together here).
  • Always small class sizes (typically 4 or less) to ensure you receive the best possible diver education.
  • TRAINING IS PURCHASED, CERTIFICATION IS EARNED! No weak courses or card collecting here.
  • Certified PSI/PCI Visual Inspector, IANTD life support systems technician and gas blender on staff.
  • IANTD Advanced Nitrox Instructor - Courses from Snorkeling to Decompression Diving.
  • Closest dive facility to the shipwrecks off Colchester; There are even two wrecks less than one mile from us.
  • We're active in and give back to our community. See our History / Bio for more information.

“ Huge Thanks to Drexler diving this weekend that past. Great hospitality,excellent service!!,Great shop for all levels of diving. Thank you for taking care of friends and family at the highest professional level. One of the most memorable weekends I have had for a while. Check out Drexler diving for a great experience!! ”
       - Joe M.

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