Our hardware accessory selection includes line reels, stainless steel clips, snaps, rings, knives, straps, stage mounting hardware and more.

Our selection of accessories has the right item to take care of the little details that make things easier. They're not just for diving!

  • McNett Dive products including mask defog, Seal Cement, Aquaseal, zipper care and more
  • Dive flags and buoys
  • Hardware - stainless steel clips, keepers, d-rings and more
  • Knives for divers, fishermen, and rescue professionals
  • Dive weights (soft weights) and belts.
  • Selected swimwear, beach towels and t-shirts
  • Line Reels
  • Lift bags and surface marker buoys (aka "safety sausage" or "come to me")
  • Submersible pressure gauges and compasses
  • Hoses for regulators, BCD / Dry Suit quick disconnects and high pressure SPG's.
  • Hoods and gloves for wet suits, dry suits and watersports.
  • Gear bags and dry bags
  • Spare parts
  • And more!

Regulaors, lights, hoses, compasses, pressure gauges, fittings and more.
Slates, orings, save a dive kits, neoprene cement, Aquaseal, zipper care, gear cleaner, deodorizer, lubricants and more.
Mesh bags, dry bags, lift bags, and more.
Soft weights, belts, pockets, hoods, gloves and more.
Waterproof Wrist Slates

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