Mike Drexler - Scuba Bio

Mike started scuba diving the cold northern waters of the Great Lakes in 1992 and progressed rapidly to receive several certifications including IANTD Trimix Diver (certified to 330 fsw using Helium and Oxygen breathing mixtures), IANTD Gas Blender, IANTD Life Support Systems Service Technician, PSI-PCI Visual Cylinder Inspector, PADI Divemaster, IANTD Advanced Nitrox Instructor, Search and Rescue (SAR), Transport Canada Small Commercial Vessel Operator, Transport Canada Marine Emergency Duties A3, and many more. With thousands of dives encompassing the five Great Lakes, the St. Clair River, Lake St. Clair, the Detroit River, the St. Lawrence River, glacial fed lakes at 5000' above sea level, marine archaeology survey work, side scan sonar surveys and more, Mike has earned the distinction of being one of the most experienced and knowledgeable divers in the area. Self sufficient and independent, you are assured that you will receive high quality training from an impartial and experienced local professional.

Mike's Diving Philosophy

Mike believes that nobody else can think for you, breathe for you or dive for you and that diving is serious fun. The deep passion he has for diving comes out in the intensity and zest he has for the sport. Described as a realist, a moderate, meticulous and even fastidious, Mike strives to give our clients the knowledge and skills to dive in a competent and safe manner on their own.

When diving you are entering an environment which requires some simple, basic equipment and the knowledge how to use that equipment safely.

      -Mike Drexler

Dive with Mike

Are you a diver that is looking for someone to dive with that knows the local dive sites? How about diving in a place or environment that you are not familiar with? Would you like to expanding your diving abilities and become a better diver? In addition to IANTD courses from Snorkeling to Deep Air / Advanced Nitrox (Decompression), we offer diving guide services in several locations around the Great Lakes including our own backyard of Western Lake Erie. Should the diving conditions prove to be inappropriate or just plain poor, we will dive somewhere else or postpone diving until the conditions improve. WE WANT YOU TO HAVE A GREAT DIVE! In fact, Mike was (and still is) active in the local diving community by belonging to the Great Lakers Dive Club (founding member), the Windsor Skin & SCUBA Club, past member of other clubs, Save Ontario Shipwrecks, and is actively protecting our local shipwrecks by assisting with the Eriequest Marine Heritage Area in Lake Erie.

Mike was a truly fantastic diving instructor who shred his extensive knowledge and expertise with ease; not only of the technical aspects, but also of the psychological and safety considerations. It was a pleasure to learn from him, and I strongly feel that my future dives will benefit from it!
      - Ana M.

Mike in the Community

Having spent his life on the waters of Western Lake Erie, Mike has a strong connection to the Colchester community. As an outspoken advocate for Colchester, the town and Colchester Harbour, Mike served on two Essex Committees of Council; The Colchester Planning Advisory Committee and War of 1812 Committee. Elsewhere in the community, Mike served on the Libro Credit Union Harrow Branch Coucil in addition to volunteer marine Search & Rescue (SAR) service with the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary through Colchester Guardian Rescue as a founder, President, Unit Maintenance Officer, Coxswain and SAR Crew. He TWICE received the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary Operational Merit Medal and a Government of Canada Sesquicentennial Pin for his part in saving lives on Lake Erie.

Mike Drexler has been one of the key elements, not only to the success of the Colchester Guardian Resuce Inc (Service), but to the service's mere existence. His dedication to the Colchester Guardian has been relentless, both in developing an implementation/ongoing strategy and commitment to the cause with literally his "blood, sweat and tears". The Colchester Guardian Rescue Service will continue to be an "ace" in the pocket of the Town of Essex. I am proud that the CGRI is situated in our Colchester harbour, offering services to those individuals on the water that need help at the most unsuspecting of times, not only for the Town of Essex but far-reaching to the entire northern shore of Lake Erie that hugs the Essex County shoreline. Mike and his team exemplify the meaning of volunteerism. I would be proud to recommend Mike to any person or organization with regard to his knowledge and passion in delivering a water-related service.

      (2012) Richard Meloche, Deputy-Mayor, Town of Essex

It is my extreme pleasure to lend my name of support and endorsement for the work and devotion Mike Drexler has for his profession, community support and talent he provides in his vast realm of knowledge and experience. Many in our area have experience the contribution Mike provides to the community of Colchester, Town of Essex and region at large. Mike’s leadership in the development and birth of the Colchester Guardian Rescue Inc (Service) has been a contributing factor to the growth of Colchester Harbour as a boater’s safe haven and expansion as a tourism driver for our municipality. ... As a result, this region and our municipality specifically is benefiting from the launch of Mike’s new business endeavor: Drexler Diving Systems full service tourism dive/snorkel, lesson and equipment supply. As Chair of the Colchester Planning Advisory Committee, I personally experienced Mike’s business acumen and vision as committee member. And as Councillor for the Town of Essex representing Ward 3 Colchester South, Mike has been an ardent advisor in many harbour and development initiatives. I am pleased to say with confidence, Mike is a significant asset to our community and I endorse his endeavors. ”

      (2012) Councillor William Baker, Town of Essex,
       President, Atrium Alliances Inc.,
       Public Affairs, Leamington District Memorial Hospital

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