Equipment Service

Did you ever wonder why some divers seem to never have equipment problems yet others are having constant problems? Do you really know who is servicing your gear? How much experience do they have? Are they trained by the manufacturer or were they trained by another shop employee? Choosing a technician to service your life support equipment is an important decision and is the first step to correctly functioning gear.

At Drexler Diving Systems our technician was diving and servicing gear decades before other technicians even became divers. We employ proven service methods using food grade biodegradable non-toxic cleaners, Oxygen compatible lubricants, genuine Viton O-rings, and genuine quality service parts when servicing your gear.

Our gear serivce line card includes:
  • Dive Rite, SCUBAForce and TUSA regulator service
  • Oxygen servicing and cleaning of cylinders, valves and regulators.
  • Visual Cylinder inspections (certified PSI/PCI Inspector on site)
  • Transport Canada approved hydrostatic cylinder testing
  • Dry suit and wet suit repair and alterations available through our suit manufacturers
  • Buoyancy compensator / inflator service
  • And more...

Dive Guide Services

Do you want to dive but don't know where to start? Not familiar with Lake Erie diving? Did you ever get back on a dive boat only to hear about all the neat things other divers saw and you missed? We can help!

Let our experienced and knowledgeable dive masters and instructors take you on a guided tour of our local shipwrecks. We'll be glad to show you what's waiting to be discovered just beneath the surface and see Lake Erie like you've never seen it before!

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